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What's involved for me? 

 The first thing you will be asked to do is read some information about the study which will hopefully answer any questions you might have. After this, you will be asked to read through a consent form which goes through the finer details regarding what will happen to the information you give us. Its important that you read and understand each section so take your time and if you have any questions just drop us an email.


You will then be asked to answer a short set of Self reflection questionnaires and once submitted, a member of the research team will  email you to tell you if you are eligible to take part. 

Once eligible you will be asked to complete the first set of games/questionnaires, then complete a weekly check-in on your phone for 3 consecutive weeks and in week 4 you will be asked to complete a final set of games/questionnaires. The study takes place over 4 weeks and all research participants are paid a total of €60 ( converted to local currency) .

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I have started and switched antidepressants over a number of years. This study is so desperately needed to help people get the care they need. It felt really great to be able to give back, even in a small way 

Help from your own home
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The study team was great and helped me with any questions I had. It doesn't really take that much time and its for a great cause 

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Who we are

We are a team of research scientists from Trinity College Dublin who are committed to improving mental health treatments for the millions of people who access care through their local GP and Pharmacy. In order for us to achieve our goal, we need to recruit a very specific patient sample of individuals who are starting antidepressants or have recently switched to a new one.  Starting antidepressants for the first time can be daunting, our goal is to ensure that patients get the right treatment that works for them. To find out more about the team, please click below 

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The Gillan Lab at Trinity College Dublin uses cognitive neuroscience to better understand, predict and treat mental health problems, tackling issues that are psychiatric, developmental, neurological and associated with advancing age. It is proud to be a part of the new Global Brain Health Institute, and to currently hold funding from the Welcome Trust, the Global Brain Health Institute and MQ mental health.

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