Switching Antidepressants

Switching antidepressants and starting a new medication - Why switch?

Switching Antidepressants can seem like a daunting task, but it is actually extremely common and nothing to worry about.  So why do people switch?  Well due to the nature of antidepressants and the action they take on the brain, it can sometimes take several weeks for the medication to begin working. However, some people experience side effects within this period, so it can seem like you are taking the medication without seeing the benefits. After several weeks many people do begin to see the benefits as their brain and body’s get used to the medication. However, as you will also know from the information on our site, some antidepressants may work for some individuals and not others. Do not feel disheartened if you have to switch antidepressants and start a new medication, it is all part of getting you the right treatment that suits you and your body.


We are not GP’s here at the precision in psychiatry study, so we recommend discussing your concerns with your GP or healthcare provider should you wish to switch. WebMD suggests that the important thing is not to give up too fast but agrees that the best thing to do is to discuss any concerns you have with your GP or healthcare provider.


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